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Acorns to Great Oaks
Statement of Faith

I. GOD - We believe that there is only one true, living and eternal God and that the Godhead is revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

II. THE BIBLE – We believe that the Holy Scriptures are the Old and New Testaments; the inspired and infallible Word of God and therein is found the only reliable guide of Christian faith and conduct.

III. MAN – We believe that God created man in His own image to bring Him honor through obedience, and that when man disobeyed he became a fallen and sinful creature, unable to save himself. We believe that infants are in the covenant of God's grace and that all persons become accountable to God when they reach a state of moral responsibility

IV. SALVATION - We believe that Salvation (regeneration, sanctification, justification, and redemption) has been provided for all mankind through the redemptive work (life death, resurrection, ascension, and intercession) of Jesus Christ

V. ASSURANCE AND ENDURANCE - We believe that those who abide in Christ have the assurance of salvation. However, we believe that the Christian retains his freedom of choice; therefore, it is possible for him to turn away from God and be finally lost

VI. CHRISTIAN DUTIES - We believe that Christians should live faithfully by serving in and through the local church, praying diligently, witnessing earnestly, practicing tolerance, showing loving kindness, giving as God prospers, and conducting themselves in such a way as to bring glory to God.

VII. Marriage - Marriage is ordained of God and is a spiritual union in which one man and one woman are joined by God to live together as one. Marriage can only be ordained by God; therefore marriage can only take place through God’s regulations set out through scripture. Marriage is a lifelong commitment with the only clear biblical allowance for ending a union is death or fornication. Sexual involvement, either before marriage or with someone other than the marriage partner, is strictly prohibited. Understanding the sanctity of marriage, partners should strive to maintain a happy, harmonious, and holy relationship. Men are to be the head of the house, and wives should submit to their husbands. Likewise, men need to love their wives sacrificially as Christ loved the Church. Should a Christian desire to remain single, this decision should be respected and should be seen as a life lived for Christ alone. If they choose to be married, their spouse should be one that also believes and lives for God.

VIII. THE CHURCH - We believe that the Church: Universal is the Body of Christ, the fellowship of all believers and that its members have been called out from the world to come under the dominion and authority of Christ, its head. We believe that a local church is a fellowship of Christians, a part of the Body of Christ, voluntarily banded together for worship, nurture, and service.

IX. ORDINANCES - We believe that baptism and the Lord's Supper are ordinances instituted by Christ to be observed by Christians only. We also believe that the Biblical mode of baptism is immersion and that participation in the Lord's Supper should be open to all Christians

X. THE LORD'S DAY - We believe in the Sanctity of-the Lord's Day, the first day of the week, and that this day ought to be observed by worshiping God. Witnessing for Christ, and ministering to the needs of humanity. We believe that secular work on Sunday should be limited to cases of necessity or mercy

XI. LAST THINGS - We believe in the personal return of Jesus Christ, and in the bodily resurrection of the dead. We believe that God will judge all mankind by Jesus Christ; that He will reward the righteous with eternal life in Heaven, and that will banish the unrighteous to everlasting punishment in hell