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I, ___________________________, do hereby release Acorns to Great Oaks (A2GO), its affiliated academies, directors, teachers, volunteers and/or other parent members, and host churches/facilities from any legal or financial liability for injury or illness to myself or my child(ren) that may occur as a result of my family participating in activities organized or sponsored by A2GO. By completing the online registration form I am authorizing that my child(ren) may participate in the various elective activities, classes, programs, and field trips organized or sponsored by A2GO with the understanding that the supervision and instruction provided for such activities is being largely provided by volunteers and other parent members, not certified child care providers or teachers. I understand that my child(ren) must be accompanied by a parent or other director-approved adult to participate in elective activities and/or field trips outside of academy, and that the individual accompanying my child(ren) at any given event is assuming all responsibility for their safety and behavior. I promise to instruct my child(ren) in appropriate behavior for age-integrated play and learning opportunities that are provided by A2GO, and agree to removing my child(ren) promptly from the situation if inappropriate behavior arises.

By completing the online registration form, I digitally certify that I have read and agree to this release without coercion and understand that I may revoke this agreement at any time and elect to keep my child(ren) away from the activities of A2GO.