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A2GO General Guidelines for Behavior and Conflict Resolution

Parents must take responsibility for their child(ren) engaging in appropriate behavior for age-integrated sport, play, and learning opportunities that are provided through A2GO, and agree to remove said child(ren) promptly from the situation if inappropriate behavior arises. Furthermore, here at A2GO we hold dear the power and authority we’ve been given to keep and encourage a spirit of unity among our families. Because of this we hold members (parents or minors) to a high standard, requiring Christ like behavior and showing respect to one another at all times. We do not tolerate gossip and drama amongst parents. The families involved, should such behavior be reported, will be subject to their membership being revoked by the board of directors. Should conflict of any nature arise among members (parents or minors) a director should be approached for assistance. If the conflict is unable to be resolved with the help of the board, families involved may choose to quietly withdraw membership from A2GO. The board of directors holds the final say in all matters and reserves the right to dismiss families unable to uphold our values or standards, or who break policy.